We are an ideas company that
specialises in the Marine Science field.

About us

Our Purpose

To try and solve some of the
pressing challenges that face the
Marine Environment

Our Aspiration

To make the world a
better place through greater
use of ocean resources

Our Objectives

To make better use of the
Marine Environment and the
activities that happen upon it

Our projects


Ecopia is a Geoengineering concept for solving Global Warming that provides a regulation mechanism for atmospheric CO2.

The concept uses light and the very fast turnover rate of Ocean productivity to lock away carbon in the deep sea.

Our team

Dr John Allen

Founder and Director

Predominantly an observational
physical oceanographer,
John has been at the forefront
of research on upper-ocean
physical properties and its
impacts on biogeochemical
processes for over a decade.
He was made a Fellow of the
Challenger Society for Marine
Science in 2004.

Calum Fitzgerald

Founder and Director

Calum trained as a Marine
Biologist, Oceanographer and
Environmental Scientist. Moved
into the Tech sphere and then
founded a Tech Scale-Up 13
years ago.

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